Curricular Activities Code

The Curricular Code is a CATA document that outlines the rules for state FFA leadership development activities, i.e., contests. The content of the Curricular Code may be changed by vote of the active membership of the CATA at the annual summer conference. This is accomplished through the Curricular Code Committee of the Operations Division.

The Code on this site has been edited to reflect the format changes adopted in June (see Introduction - General Rules) and to correct errors as allowed by the Code. If any discrepancies are found, please notify CATA and corrections will be made. 

Contests Scorecard Samples

General Rules


Agricultural Communications (Revised 6/2022) 

Agricultural Issues Forum (Revised 6/2015)  
Agricultural Mechanics (Revised 6/2022)
  • Tool ID List (1/2014)
  • Top 24 teams qualify for State Finals.
  • Qualifying Field Days - Arbuckle / Chico State / Fresno State / Gridley / Le Grand / Merced College / Modesto Junior College / Reedley College / UC Davis
  • Ag Mech Rankings
 JudgingCard 481-2 CA ATMS
 Agricultural Mechanics Fair (New Contest 6/2022)  
 Agricultural Pest Control (Revised 6/2022)  JudgingCard 705G
 Agricultural Sales (Revised 6/2021)
 Agricultural Welding (Revised 6/2022)  JudgingCard 481-2 CA ATMS
  Agriculture Experience Tracker (AET) Farm Record Book (Revised 6/2019)  
 Agriscience Fair (Revised 6/2022)
 Agronomy (Revised 6/2022)  
 Best Informed Greenhand (Revised 6/2022)  
 California Water Issues (New Contest 6/2022)  JudgingCard 705E
 Citrus Judging (Revised 6/2018)  JudgingCard 705G
 Computer Applications (Revised 6/2013)  JudgingCard 705G
 Cotton (Revised 6/2019)  JudgingCard 705-A

 Creed (Revised 6/2017) 

 See Code

 Dairy Cattle Judging (Revised 6/2020) 

 El Credo De FFA (New Contest 6/2022)  See Code
 Extemporaneous Public Speaking (Revised 6/2017)  See Code
 Farm Business Management (Revised 6/2019)  
 Farm Power and Machinery JudgingCard 481-2 CA ATMS

 Floriculture (Revised 6/2022) 

 Food Science & Technology (Revised 6/2019)  
 Forestry (Revised 6/2022)  JudgingCard530CA-3
 Fruit Tree Judging (Revised 6/2020) JudgingCard 705-A
 Fruit Tree Pruning  JudgingCard 105482
 General Rules (See Introduction) (Revised 6/2022)  
 Grapevine Judging  JudgingCard 705-A
 Grapevine Pruning (Revised 6/2020)  JudgingCard 705G
 Impromptu Public Speaking (Revised 6/2014)  See Code

 Job Interview (Revised 6/2022) 

 See Code
 Light Horse Judging (Revised 6/2019)  
 Livestock Judging (Revised 6/2022) 
 Marketing (Revised 6/2022)
 Marketing Plan (Revised 6/2022)  See Code
 Meat Judging (Revised 6/2022)  
 Milk Quailty and Dairy Foods (Revised 6/2022) 
 JudgingCard Template
Natural Resources (Revised 6/2016)  
Nursery/Landscape (Revised 6/2021)  
Parliamentary Procedure and Debate (Revised 6/2018)  
Poultry Judging (Revised 6/2019)  
Prepared Public Speaking (Revised 6/2021)  See Code
Small Engines (Revised 6/2018)  JudgingCard 481-2 CA ATMS

Soil and Land Evaluation Contest (Revised 6/2022) 
Vegetable Crop Judging (Revised 6/2022)  
Veterinary Science Judging (Revised 6/2022)  
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