2023 Curricular Code Changes

The following contests on List A will be up for review this year:

Agricultural Communications Agriscience Fair Best Informed Greenhand
Citrus Creed Recitation Dairy Cattle Judging
Farm Power & Machinery Forestry Fruit Tree Judging
Impromptu Public Speaking Livestock Judging Marketing (Coop)
Parliamentary Procedure & Debate Poultry Judging  
Agricultural Mechanics Fair
(Trial Contest)
California Water Issues
(Trail Contest)
El Credo de FFA
(Trial Contest)


*No requests to open contest.

CATA Curricular Code

If you want to make any changes to the existing contest, you must adhere to the following format:

1. All changes must be sent to the CATA Office by June 1.

2. Changes must be submitted on the Curricular Code Change Proposal template and emailed to [email protected].

3. It is the contest chair's responsibility to ensure that the proposed Curricular Code changes do not conflict with General Rules, if so, then a request to open General Rules must be made.

4. All electronically submitted changes will be posted on the website at www.calagteachers.org.

5. It is recommended that you, or a representative, are in attendance at the pre-conference governing board meeting to answer any questions regarding proposed Curricular Code changes to contests that are requested to be opened out of rotation. - TBD

*Only those changes submitted by June 1, will be allowed to be made to the contest. No other changes allowed.

2023 Curricular Code Committee Meetings
- Tuesday, June 27, 2023 (meeting times TBD)