2022-2023 Leadership Opportunities

CATA State Treasurer (5-year commitment)

To apply for a State Officer position, the applicant must:

  1. Be an active CATA member.
  2. Have served on Governing Board either as a Regional President, Division Chair, or Division Chair-Elect.
  3. Be a teacher of agriculture.

CATA State Treasurer duties include the following:

  1. Attend Executive Committee Meeting in August.
  2. Take responsibility for insuring that every elected officer in CATA has paid dues by their first regional meeting.
  3. Attend Winter Governing Board Meeting in January.
  4. Attend Pre-Conference Governing Board Meeting in June.
  5. Coordinate with the Executive Director in preparing the proposed annual budget.
  6. Attend the CATA Operations Division Budget and Audit Committee Meetings.
  7. Coordinate and assist in the dues collection process at Conference.
  8. Continue in development of dues incentive programs and membership services.

Operations Secretary (4-year commitment) – Chair of the following committees:

Budget and Audit 
The committee reviews the proposed annual budget, makes appropriate changes as needed, and sends recommendations regarding the annual budget to the Operations Division meeting.

Membership Services
The mission of this committee is to formulate, evaluate, and recommend to the CATA membership through the Operations Division, policies involving Classes of Membership, Dues and Conference Fees, Recruitment of Members, Educational Exhibits/Farm and Idea Show, “Golden Slate”, and other services to benefit CATA members and their agricultural programs.

Secondary Secretary
(4-year commitment) – Chair of the following committee:

The purpose of this committee is to provide input regarding the development and delivery of statewide inservice activities.  In addition, the committee reviews previous inservice activities and critiques the effectiveness of the inservice delivery.

Post Secondary Secretary (3-year commitment)