CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2013

Glen Casey
Carlsbad High School, 1967-1970 – El Cajon Valley High School 1970-1972 – El Capitan High School, 1972-1982 – Cal

Poly San Luis Obispo, 1982-2011 – Oklahoma State, 1985-1986
Teacher of Excellence
Honorary American Degree

Glen Casey served the agricultural education profession for 44 years, with 29 years of that service in the Agricultural Education Department at Cal Poly, SLO. Glen served the Southern Region CATA as a regional officer during his high school teacher tenure, and literally built the El Capitan High Ag Program from the ground up from 1971 through 1982. At Cal Poly, Glen served as the Ag Education Department Chair from 1988 through 2002, and later served as the associate dean for the College of Education at Cal Poly. As a teacher educator, Glen supervised over 75 successful student teachers, and chaired over 60 Master of Science committees. During his tenure at Cal Poly, Glen played a leading role in the coordination and planning of State FFA Judging Finals, as well as the CATA Annual Summer Conference and Skills Week.
Bill Loveridge
Anderson High School, 1978-1985 – Shasta College, 1982-1985 - Loyalton High School, 1985-2010 – Asian Christian School of Ministry, 2011

CATA President 1992-1993
Teacher of Excellence
Honorary American Degree
Outstanding Teacher

Bill Loveridge taught ag education for 33 years, the first seven at Anderson High and the remainder at Loyalton High, where he built a program that was well recognized statewide for excellence. He was extremely active in CATA, serving on various committees and task forces that greatly impacted the ag ed profession, and served as a State CATA Officer as well. Besides his leadership in the ag education profession, Bill was active in many industry and community organizations including nine trips to the Philippines working with the Asian Christian School of Ministry. He also served on the Board of Directors for the California FFA Foundation during his teaching tenure and continued to serve on the Board for several years after his retirement.