CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2006

James W. Bailey 
University of Missouri 1949; Cal Poly Pomona1956; Cal Poly SLO 1962; Hanford HS 1957; Fullerton HS 1958; Sunny Hills HS 1959 – 1984; Fullerton CC 1965 – 1974; Cal Poly Pomona 1979 – 1982

Teacher of Excellence

James has been an agriculture educator to thousands of students throughout Orange County. Through his hard work and effort, he established a premier program at Sunny Hills HS, and served as a district coordinator overseeing five high school ag programs, developing district wide curriculum, overseeing funding and special projects, and mentoring other agriculture teachers. After retiring James' mission became the construction of what is now known as Centennial Farms a hands-on learning center. Every year over 50,000 elementary school children tour this farm and are taught the importance of agriculture in their lives.
Keith Smith 
Cal Poly SLO 1957; Cal Poly SLO 1963; Washington Union HS 1958 – 1960; Placerville HS 1960 – 1972; Central Region Supervisor 1974 – 1976; South Coast Region Supervisor 1976 -1978; Cal Poly SLO 1978 – 1983; North Coast Region Supervisor 1986 – 1992

Keith’s stellar 33-year career included 14 years as a high school agriculture teacher, regional supervisor for three different regions and working as a teacher educator. He took an active part in fostering agriculture education and placed considerable effort in assisting students with learning difficulties or handicaps his goal was to serve all students. Keith served as the Director of the Mexico Agriculture Education Program while at Cal Poly SLO and participated in the “Save our Bureau” efforts.