CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2003

Robert Actis 
1962-6 CSU Fresno, 1966-7 UC Davis, 1967-9 Clovis HS, 1969-2001 Sierra HS

Outstanding Teacher
Teacher of Excellence

Robert Actis served as a role model for many agriculture teachers in California and the United States. While at Sierra High School he developed a truly outstanding agriculture educator programs. Widely known as an outstanding beef showman and parli-pro coach and he was a genuinely great classroom teacher. His enthusiasm was unsurpassed in the profession. He was the epitome of a student-oriented teacher who had a unique ability to motivate students to always do their best. Numerous student teachers, regional FFA officers, state public speaking winners, and state parli-pro teams would agree that Bob Actis was as truly an outstanding agriculture teacher.
Hal Carlton 
1956-1958 Modesto JC, 1959-1962 CSU Fresno, 1963 Cal Poly SLO, 1962-1969 Grace Davis HS, 1969-1971 University of Bangpra, Thailand, 1971-1997 Modest JC

Hal Carlton was a dairy science instructor at Modesto Junior College where he developed a nationally recognized dairy judging team that competed throughout the United States. His teams were awarded top honors at the national level on at least seven different occasions, all the while competing with four-year universities at some of the contests. Hal was recognized as one of the premier experts in dairy science. Hal’s first agricultural teaching assignment was at Grace Davis HS, then he accepted an overseas assignment as an animal science specialist and advisor to the University of Bangpra.
Jack Chappell 
1961-1965 CSU Fresno, 1966 Cal Poly, SLO, 1967-1983 Fowler HS, 1983-1987 Cal Poly, SLO and CSU Fresno

Teacher of Excellence

Jack taught at Fowler High School for 16 years. During that time, he developed a truly outstanding program. Because of the concepts Jack developed, Fowler became the model program from which the agriculture incentive grant standards were eventually developed. Jack served on numerous statewide advisory committees for CATA, and the California State Department of Education. As a lifelong farmer, Jack’s practical knowledge and background have added a real-life attitude in his dealings with students and fellow teachers. His peers considered him to be one of our truly great agriculture educators.
John DeJong 
1957-1959 Modesto JC, 1959-1962 Cal Poly, SLO, 1962-1991 Petaluma HS

Teacher of Excellence

John DeJong was an agriculture teacher at Petaluma for 29 years where he built an agriculture department with low enrollment into a three-man department with 250 plus students. John was active in the Save-Our-Bureau campaign, served in the sectional and regional chairs, was selected as a Teacher of Excellence, and an Honorary American Farmer. John always took a cautious approach to the crisis arising in Sacramento. Mr. DeJong’s first priority was always taking care of business at home. John was a man of deep principles who believed strongly in agriculture education and FFA.
Richard Rogers 
1958-1960 Modesto JC, 1963-1965 CSU Fresno, 1965-1966, UC Davis, 1966-1972 Patterson HS, 1972-1973 UC Davis, 1976-1979, Cal Poly SLO 1979-2001 CSU Fresno

Teacher of Excellence

Richard Rogers was the head teacher educator at CSU Fresno where he developed a nationally recognized teacher education program. He has produced over 250 agriculture teachers who all looked upon Richard as their role model for professional, ethical, and moral behavior. His first agricultural teaching job was at Patterson HS, his alma mater, where he revitalized the FFA program. He was a teacher educator at Cal Poly SLO for one year then, went to Iowa State, where he received his doctorate.
Orville Thompson 
1948-1952 Montana State University, 1952-1954 UC Davis, 1948-1951 Glasgow HS, 1952-1988 UC Davis

Dr. Orville Thompson was first hired at UC Davis in 1952 as an agriculture education instructor and researcher. He served for 20 years as the master advisor for the agriculture education major. During this time he influenced many individuals who later became leaders in our profession. For many teachers and staff members he was known as a clear and studied thinker and mentor/advisor. Dr. Thompson was an outstanding researcher whose pioneering research dealing with off-farm agriculture careers undoubtedly led to the program approach and subsequent career clusters which have become an important part of high school agriculture education programs. His supervision of curriculum development for these clusters has greatly enhanced all of agriculture education in the United States.
Gordon Tibbs 
1944-1945 Cal Poly, Kellogg Campus, San Dimas, 1946-1953 Cal Poly, SLO, 1953-1954 Tracy HS, 1954-1974 San Benito HS

CATA President 1965-1966
Outstanding Teacher
Teacher of Excellence

Gordon Tibbs was a hands-on agriculture mechanics teacher who had a demanding curriculum and a variety of activities for student involvement. Under Gordon’s supervision, Hollister was known as a student teacher training center. Gordon Tibbs was a stern disciplinarian and his program was noted for making positive things happen. Gordon was involved as the statewide chair of the Save-Our-Bureau campaign. His toughest challenge was deciding to retire. "I love those kids and teaching agriculture."