CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2002

Dale Andrews 
UC Davis 1941, Cal Poly SLO 1952, U. Minnesota 1957, Merced HS, Arroyo Grande HS, Cal Poly SLO 1950-1983

Dr. Dale Andrews was a great teacher and supervising teacher at Arroyo Grande High School. He became a teacher educator at Cal Poly and was the author of several teaching methods books. He served at Cal Poly, SLO as vice president for many years and was interim president between Dr. Kennedy and Dr. Baker.
Karl Bakken 
Cal Poly SLO 1953, Cal Poly 1963, El Centro-Central HS 1954-1956, Fallbrook HS 1956-1979, Southern Region Supervisor 1979-1987, Cal Poly SLO 1987-1988

Teacher of Excellence

Karl was an excellent high school agriculture teacher and developed a high quality agriculture program at Fallbrook High School. One of the strengths of the program was the development of an extremely large and well-known booster’s group. As a regional supervisor, Karl spent much of his time visiting teachers, advisory committees, and administrators, always with the goal of strengthening the agriculture education programs within the Southern Region.
Jerry Biggs 
Cal Poly SLO 1964, Madera HS 1964-1969, Hartnell College 1969-1971, San Joaquin Region Supervisor 1971-1990

Teacher of Excellence

Jerry was an outstanding teacher and FFA advisor. He was a strong believer in the traditions of vocational agriculture. Jerry excelled in livestock and beef cattle in particular. He promoted and supported the livestock industry and believed that every student should have an SOE program. As a supervisor, Jerry was a strong advocate for his teachers and his region. He loved and supported the FFA all of his life.
  H.H. Burlingham 
Oregon State College-1929, Hanford HS 1930-31, Willits HS 1931-1936, Madera HS 1936-1939, Paso Robles HS 1939-1942, Superior Region Supervisor 1942-1947, Cal Poly SLO, 1948-1972

CATA Past President 1942-43
Founders Award

"Burly" was the first full time teacher trainer at Cal Poly SLO. He was extremely student centered in his approach, and he endeavored to develop this in his young teachers. Over 600 teachers were trained during his tenure as a teacher educator. He was always supportive of CATA activities and served as CATA’s unofficial host at Cal Poly for over a quarter of a century.
  Howard Chappel 
Modesto HS 1922-1927, Regional Supervisor 1927-1957

Howard taught vocational agriculture at Modesto HS before FFA was established. While serving as a regional supervisor, he was elected as the first California State FFA President. All other FFA officers were also adults. Mr. Chappel served as supervisor of the North Coast, Central, and Southern regions concurrently. He is remembered as an outstanding person and an excellent supervisor who helped his teachers become the best they could be. His contributions to agriculture education are unequaled.
George Couper 
Oregon State College 1929, Bureau Staff 1931-1965

George was hired by the Bureau of Agriculture as an information specialist. In 1933 he became the second special supervisor for the FFA. His talents as a newspaper and journalism major were put to work immediately for the FFA. He started a monthly magazine about the FFA and helped local chapters to develop a local information program. His work was largely responsible for an outstanding public relations program, which kept the California FFA activities before the public.
  Dick Crabill 
Cal Poly SLO 1953, Big Valley HS 1957-1991

CATA President 1972-73
Teacher of Excellence

Dick developed an active agriculture education program at Big Valley HS and produced many State Farmers, and regional and state officers. He was our CATA president during Save-Our-Bureau era, and spent many days in this battle. Dick was an outstanding CATA president and served as a role model for many young members when they assumed this responsibility.
  Lionel Cross 
Oregon State 1931, University of California, Canby HS 1931-1934, Fortuna HS 1934-1943, Lincoln HS 1943-1949, District Supervisor 1949-1971

CATA President 1948-1949
Teacher of Excellence

Lionel was an outstanding teacher of vocational agriculture and an extremely active member of his professional association. He was the founder of NVATA and wrote its constitution. He served as the first President of NVATA and then served nine years as its executive secretary. Lionel held every state CATA office. In addition to his teaching career, he was active in his community including service as a board member of the Santa Clara Co. Fair and received the Farm Bureau 30-year award. Lionel’s life is a model of professionalism and dedication to agriculture education.
Jerry Davis
Cal Poly SLO 1948, Cal Poly SLO 1955, Winters HS 1954-1957, Grass Valley HS 1957-1967, Assistant State FFA Advisor 1967-1986

CATA President 1963-1964
Teacher of Excellence
Founders Award

Jerry started both the Winters and Grass Valley FFA programs. As a high school teacher, he was known as highly motivated, a teacher who strongly believed in SOE and FFA. During his years as the assistant state FFA advisor, Jerry was largely responsible for initiating the FFA, Foundation, the FFA Packet Program, a state officer-training program, and many other FFA Programs we take for granted today. For many years Jerry was known as "Mr. FFA".
  Howard Dickson 
UC Berkeley 1913, Kerman HS 1914-1918, Kern County Union HS 1918-1960

CATA President 1923-1924
Teacher of Excellence

Howard was in vocational agricultural education for 46 years. He began by developing the agriculture education program in Kerman. After four years he moved to Bakersfield where he developed the largest agriculture program in the United States. The Bakersfield agriculture program at one time consisted of 11 agriculture teachers, a large school lab with a dairy, a swine herd, and a beef herd. One year Howard purchased 453 steers to be fed out and shown by his students. He established the first public auction of students raised livestock, which is now known as the Kern County Fair.
Lloyd Dowler 
U. Wyoming 1935, U. Wyoming 1941, Wyoming HS 1935-1943, U. of Nevada-Reno, State Supervisor & Teacher Educator 1946-1948, Fresno State College Professor & Dean 1948-1969, CSU Fresno Teacher Educator 1969-1978

Lloyd was a tireless promoter of agriculture education. After eight years of teaching vocational agriculture in rural Wyoming and three years in the Navy, Lloyd was hired at the University of Nevada to develop a teacher-training program for agriculture and to serve as state supervisor of agriculture education for the state. He came to Fresno State College as a poultry professor and served as Dean of Agriculture. Before developing the agriculture teacher preparation program there in 1969. When he resigned as Dean he became the first agriculture education teacher educator at CSUF.
Kenneth Easter 
UC Berkeley 1929, Cal Poly SLO, Dos Palos HS 1931-1971

CATA President 1945-1946
Teacher of Excellence

Ken taught at Dos Palos HS for 40 ½ years. He was a master teacher and maintained one of the strongest SOE programs in the state. Ken served as the livestock superintendent and was on the Board of Directors of the Merced County Fair. After retiring, he served as a student teacher supervisor for CSU Fresno. Ken won many honors for his teaching and professionalism including National Distinguished Citizen of the Year, Merced County, Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year, and the Honorary American Farmer Degree.
Ed Fisher 
Cal Poly SLO, Templeton HS, Excelsior, Livingston HS, Hilmar HS

Teacher of Excellence

Ed was an outstanding teacher who spent much time helping individual students gain success in the FFA. His program was very community centered with many of his students still active in farming in the Hilmar area. Ed had over 200 State Farmers, 19 state proficiency award winners, and several National Lincoln Arc Welding winners. His chapters’ dairy group won the state dairy sweepstakes 10 years in a row. Few agriculture teachers in California had more impact on their local community than Ed Fisher.
  Dave Graf 
UC Davis 1942, Turlock HS 1942-1943, Williams HS 1943-1957, Central Region Supervisor 1957-1960, Asst. Bureau Chief 1960-1970, Chief-Program Design 1970- 1974

Dave was an inspirational and enthusiastic teacher. Students flocked to his classes because of the active and practical nature of his program. His FFA program earned master chapter award every year he taught. Dave served as Central Region supervisor, 1960-1970, and chief of program design for the State Department of Education, 1970-1974. Dave held all sectional and regional CATA offices.
  Ted Gregg 
UC Davis 1960, Vacaville HS 1961-1964, Armijo HS 1963-1967, Sierra College 1967-1970, Superior Region Supervisor 1970-1998

Teacher of Excellence

Mr. Gregg was an outstanding teacher and was an excellent supervisor. His region grew in numbers of chapters and in numbers of students. He was a hard working individual who constantly worked for the benefit of his teachers and schools. He worked well with people and had the ability to get top quality work from students. He developed an excellent student leadership program and maintained a strong regional FFA component to the total vocational agriculture program in the Superior Region. Mr. Gregg was a team player, maintained a statewide interest in agriculture education, and contributed much to the success of the bureau staff.
J. Cordner Gibson 
UCLA and UC Berkeley 1937, UC Davis 1938, Downey HS 1938-1940, Whittier HS 1940-1943, Regional Supervisor 1946-1949, Cal Poly-Voorhies 1949-1957, Cal Poly SLO 1957-1976

Cordner will always be remembered as a truly outstanding administrator who had a unique gift of always remembering names and faces. Once introduced, he would remember you, even 20 years later. He was an excellent teacher and regional supervisor, but he was even more outstanding as the Dean of Agriculture at Cal Poly SLO. J. Cordner Gibson had a real presence about him that truly evoked the word leadership.
Arthur Godfrey 
Utah State University 1932, Jordan HS Utah 1933-1937, Colusa HS 1937-1943, SLO HS 1943-1953

CATA President 1946-1947
Teacher of Excellence

Art was strictly student-centered in his approach to teaching. Art's program was always complete, with agriscience, FFA and SOE as equals. Under the old system of the bureau rating of programs, his program was always at the top. Art was a truly professional person. He was a teacher of teachers. Many teachers in California owe their cadet experience to him in the state.
  Richard Havens 
Cal Poly SLO 1950, Cal Poly SLO 1958, Brentwood HS 1951-1963, Modesto JC 1963-1981

CATA President 1961-1962
Teacher of Excellence 1977

The agriculture program at Brentwood concentrated on production agriculture and work experience along with many FFA activities. The school served as a training site for student teachers in agriculture from UC Davis. During that time, Dick was active in the CATA, serving on many committees and various offices. In 1961-1962 he was half of the only father/son combination of CATA presidents. At Modesto Junior College he taught crops-related and agriculture mechanics classes as well, as being advisor to various student groups.

  Don Hendricks 
Cal Poly 1957, Cal Poly1961, Arcata HS 1957-1958, Oakdale HS 1958-1993

CATA President 1978-1979
Teacher of Excellence

Don was an excellent teacher and advisor. His vocational agriculture students excelled in leadership, competitions, and awards. Many of his students have become agricultural teachers as a result of his influence and professionalism. Don served CATA in all regional and state offices. He was also active in NVATA and AVA. Don was a prominent member of his community, serving in leadership roles in his church and a variety of service organizations.
  Stan Hodges 
Chico State 1962, UC Davis, Oklahoma State, Yuba City HS 1963-1965, Modesto JC 1965-1987, Modesto JC President 1987-2001

Teacher of Excellence

Stan was an excellent vocational agriculture teacher in both his high school and community college teaching careers. Because of his leadership abilities, he was elected chair of MJC Agriculture Department in 1976. In 1977 Stan became chairperson of the Agriculture Biological Sciences Division, a position he held with distinction until being chosen to serve as chief instructional officer for the college in 1984. In 1987, he was chosen as president of MJC. Throughout his career, Stan was an advocate for agriculture education and served on many legislative committees and testified on behalf of agriculture education on numerous occasions.
Kenneth Holmes 
Central H.S. 1946-1977

Teacher of Excellence

Ken taught his entire 31-year career at the same high school. He was known for his hands-on approach to teaching agriculture. He believed in and applied the learn-by-doing philosophy. He developed a self-supporting school farm laboratory where his students could apply what they learned in the classroom. He also developed one of the few self-supporting school nurseries in the state. An excellent teacher and FFA advisor, Ken Holmes’ contribution to his community was unequaled.
Gilbert Hutchings 
Utah State 1931, Los Banos HS 1932-1936, Bakersfield HS 1936-1948, Regional Supervisor-South Coast 1948-1959, Regional Supervisor-San Joaquin 1959-1971

CATA President 1944-1945
Teacher of Excellence

Gilbert was a strong classroom teacher and developed an outstanding SOE component in the vocational agriculture program. He and his students especially excelled in livestock production. As regional supervisor, Gilbert strongly promoted the FFA and SOE. He assisted in the development of many new agriculture programs in his region and was a strong advocate of vocational agriculture and the FFA.
Marty Jack
Fresno State 1956, UC Davis 1958, Rio Vista HS 1959-1961, Sierra College 1961-1990

Marty spent his career primarily as a community college agriculture teacher, vocational education dean, college vice president and assistant superintendent at Sierra College. During his career, he was a strong supporter and friend to many agriculture teachers in the Superior Region and throughout California. He was an excellent teacher and role model for those many agriculture teachers with whom he had contact.
Wes Jamison 
UC Davis 1930, Santa Rosa 1931-1968

Teacher of Excellence 1962

Wes was one of our state's most outstanding agriculture teachers. During his tenure, ten of his students became state officers and one was a national officer. He also held the record for American Farmers from one chapter for many years. He was a very competent person, well known and respected by his community, and admired and trusted by his students. Wes's major contribution to agriculture education was on the project program. His local program was always one of the largest and often considered the best in the state.
Bruce Jensen 
UC Davis 1939, Visalia HS 1940-1985, College of the Sequoias

CATA President 1956-1957
Teacher of Excellence

Bruce taught in both the Visalia High School District and the College of the Sequoias at the same location. He continued heading up both programs until 1970 when he assumed full-time duties at the college. Bruce was an outstanding teacher and administrator. Under his direction, COS became one of the best community college agriculture programs in the nation. Bruce was a teachers’ teacher. He was a role model for younger teachers in the San Joaquin Region. His sincere character and ability to get the job done were unparalleled.
Elwood M. Juergenson
UC Davis, Pennsylvania State Univ. 1958, Linden HS 1938-1949, UC Davis 1949-1972

Juergy was a very conscientious individual. He had in mind what he thought a good program should be, and he worked hard to bring this about. As a teacher trainer, "Juegry" followed his teachers, watching their progress and giving them guidance long after they had left his program. He was respected and liked by agriculture educators all over the nation. He wrote and published many volumes of books for agriculture teachers. His "Approved Practices" series was used nationwide. He was always highly respected by his teacher candidates and his honesty and fairness in working with them was a strong part of his character.
Emile LaSalle 
Cal Poly SLO 1939, Utah State 1940, Manteca HS 1941-1946, Hanford HS 1954-1966, South Coast Region Supervisor

Teacher of Excellence

Emile was one of the most successful teachers of agriculture who ever taught in California. He was particularly interested in judging contests and believed strongly that competition was an important part of an educational program. While a regional supervisor, he set high standards for the schools in his region and encouraged improvements in many aspects of the program. He was well known as a dairy judge and helped establish dairy shows for the FFA.
Edward F. Leal 
Cal Poly SLO 1955, Cal Poly SLO 1958, Downey HS 1957-1971, Modesto JC 1917-1990

CATA President 1970-1971
Teacher of Excellence

Ed was one of the most skilled classroom teachers in agriculture education. As many student teachers can testify, organization and preparation were his keys to successful teaching, and Ed practiced what he preached. His outstanding abilities as a teacher carried over into his FFA chapter and his professional activities. His students earned a vast array of awards and recognition, and Ed held every office in the CATA. His skills and knowledge in swine were nationally recognized, and he was considered to be one of the top swine judges in the state.
Les McCabe 
UC Davis 1950, UC Davis 1955, Nova Southeastern Univ. 1977, Marysville HS 1951-1954, Lincoln HS 1954-1957, Yuba City HS 1957-1958 UC Extension Service 1963-1967, Merced College Dean, Voc. Ed. 1977-1986, Merced College 1986-1997

Teacher of Excellence

Les was a leader in agriculture education in every area of our profession. He was an excellent teacher of vocational agriculture at high school and community college levels. He was an outstanding administrator of agriculture programs in his college and his county. Most importantly, Les was a strong advocate of agriculture education throughout his career. The governor, the state superintendent of instruction, by congressmen, boards of county supervisors, and other agencies appointed him to agriculture leadership positions. Les was a leader in the successful effort to restore agriculture education teacher preparation to UCD. His service to his community is unmatched and too extensive to list here.
Chester McCorkle 
UC Berkeley 1927, UC Berkeley 1937, Red Bluff HS 1927-1932, Cal Poly SLO 1932-1960

CATA President 1931-1932

Chester McCorkle was California’s first special supervisor dealing primarily with the FFA. It was the idea at the time that the entire educational program within the agricultural department of local schools would be centered on the FFA. Much was done by Chester to put more emphasis on the FFA activities. In 1933 Mr. McCorkle became primarily an administrator at Cal Poly and retired as Dean Emeritus at Cal Poly, Kellogg Voorhis campus in Pomona.
Byron McMahon 
U. of Nebraska 1929, Eagle-Nebraska HS 1929-1926, Madera HS, 1926-1936, San Fernando HS 1936-1937, Cal Poly SLO 1937-1938, Regional Supervisor 1938-1939, Asst. Chief 1942-1944, Chief of the Bureau 1944-1965

CATA President 1932-1933

Byron was the fourth state supervisor of agriculture education in California. From the standpoint of vocational agriculture at the local level, his tenure as chief was one of rebuilding and strengthening local programs. During these years the program suffered from the war. The aftermath of the war left teacher shortages and low enrollment. The Bureau became actively involved in working with veterans and young farmers. By the end of Byron’s tenure, local programs were stabilized and growing.
Dean McNeilly 
Univ. of Nevada 1947, UC Davis 1955, Modesto HS, 1948-1954, Modesto JC 1954-1963, Delta JC 1963-1988

Teacher of Excellence

Dean will always be remembered as a dynamic, enthusiastic, and motivational teacher. His wit and humor were highly prized by his students. Dean was an innovator and was instrumental in the development and implementation of the parliamentary procedure contest in California. Deans service to vocational agriculture and the FFA is extensive. He has served as judge, host, and sponsor of numerous activities at local, regional, and state levels. Dean’s community activities include serving on the boards of many service and charitable organizations.
Julian McPhee 
UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Gilroy HS 1922-1926, State Supervisor 1926-1944, President Cal Poly SLO 1933-1966, State Director of Voc Ed. 1944-1966

Julian was the father of agriculture education in California. Beginning in 1926 as the third state supervisor of agriculture education he initiated a host of changes and new ideas to the training of teachers. He was responsible for developing the state staff structure. He was a visionary, developing a state aggie club before FFA was founded. He also is credited with developing the record book for SAE’s.
Dixie Mitchell 
Cal Poly SLO 1951, Cal Poly SLO 1958, Madera HS 1951-1952, Riverdale HS 1952-1961, Campbell HS 1961-1986

CATA President 1974-1975

Dixie taught for 27 years in an urban setting in the San Jose area. He developed a model school farm while at Campbell. He was an outstanding master teacher and supervised over 14 student teachers. As a CATA president, he was one of the first to become active politically and was heavily involved in the Save-Our-Bureau effort.
Dick Mosbarger
Cal Poly SLO 1954, Washington-Fremont HS 1955-1962, Fillmore HS 1962-1989

Teacher of Excellence

Dick was an excellent teacher and FFA advisor. His students excelled in leadership, competition, and state and national awards’ programs. He was a "program builder" who was skilled at developing new curriculum as well as school farms. His students respected and admired him. Dick was active in his community and was highly respected by his fellow agriculture teachers. He was chosen as the "Outstanding Citizen Award" winner by the city of Fillmore for his contributions to the agriculture of that community. Dick was a dedicated member of CATA and contributed greatly to his profession.
W.L. "Pappy" Norton 
Oregon State 1919, Sanger HS 1927-1929, Newman HS 1929-1938, Petaluma HS 1938-1955

Teacher of Excellence

"Pappy" Norton developed excellent programs of agriculture education in three high schools. He was noted for his strong SOE and FFA interests and public speaking award winners. Pappy taught vocational agriculture for over 39 years. Seventy-two percent of his graduates went into farming as a career. He was a strong member of CATA.
Jay Palmer 
Cal Poly SLO 1956, Cal Poly 1958, Shandon HS 1957-1981

CATA President 1976-1977

Jay developed a strong, well-rounded agriculture education program at Shandon High School. His program was a role model, single-person program for many years. Jay was an outstanding CATA officer and served during the Save our Bureau era and was on the road constantly serving CATA in this effort. He is credited with the idea of hiring a CATA executive director during his tenure as an officer.
Harold Peck 
Cal Poly SLO 1950, Cal Poly 1954, Victorville HS 1941-1952, Mt. San Antonio College 1952-1989

Teacher of Excellence

Harold had a career of teaching one year at Victorville High School and 37 years at Mt. San Antonio College. He has many accomplishments, but the one that he is most proud of is that 67 of his students became agriculture teachers, 15 at the college level. He was very involved with FFA events for many years. He has made numerous contributions of animals, equipment, and cash to individuals and chapters. Harold has been rewarded be receiving national, statewide, and local recognition for his contributions to agricultural education and youth programs.
Warren Reed 
UCLA 1950, Cal Poly Pomona 1951, Santa Barbara HS 1952-1956, Santa Maria HS 1956-1957, New Cuyuma HSA 1957-1966, Central Region Supervisor 1966-1970, Asst. Chief 1970-1978, South Coast Region Supervisor 1978-1986, State Supervisor 1986-1990

Teacher of Excellence

Warren was a very thoughtful individual with strong, deeply held beliefs in SOE, FFA, and especially viable curriculum. He enjoyed philosophical discussions, especially with individuals he admired. He was a sounding board for ideas brought to him by his peers and teachers and was always ready with excellent advice and counsel. He was primarily responsible for promoting the reconstruction of agriculture curriculum from production agriculture to the current seven taxonomies, which includes all areas of agriculture.

Alfred "Sam" Rutherford 
UC Davis 1944, Oakdale HS 1947-1972

Teacher of Excellence

Sam was an outstanding agriculture teacher and was always a role model for his students and for all of the agricultural teachers in his section and region. Sam was a very professional, easy going person, with a personality that seemed to draw good students. He was an excellent master teacher and many of the young teachers he taught remember him with a deep sense of reverence.

C. Paul Stark 
Cal Poly SLO 1958, Cal Poly SLO, Corcoran HS 1958-1961, Riverdale HS 1961-1974, Mendocino College 1974-1975, Regional Supervisor 1975-1996

Teacher of Excellence

Paul was student-centered and highly professional teacher. He conducted an active and successful agriculture program. His FFA chapter was known for the large number of awards and scholarships it’s members earned. His SOE program was one of the strongest in his region and once won "all gold," for five straight years in project competition. As a regional supervisor, Paul is remembered as a passionate advocate for his teachers and their students. Paul will also be remembered for his honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

Chris Starr 
Oregon State 1933, Oregon State 1946, Etna 1947-1952, Alturas 1952-1985

Teacher of Excellence

Chris developed a strong, well-balanced program at Alturas High School. His students were always strong competitors at Northern California shows and at Jr. Cow Palace. His influence was far reaching with his peers in agriculture education, and his practical down to earth ideas were well thought out and because of his personality, well received. Young teachers especially looked up to Chris as a role model. Chris developed many outstanding teams and SOE projects and many of his students remain in farming.

Sidney Sutherland 
Montana St. Univ.1922. Iowa State 1928, South Dakota HS 1922-1926, Montana State Univ. 1928-1931, Cal Poly SLO 1931-1932, UC Davis 1932-1965

Sid was a pioneer in the field of agriculture teacher preparation in California. Sid initiated the teacher education program in agriculture at UC Davis in 1932. He held concurrent positions as teacher educator and regional supervisor of agriculture education at Davis for several years. Sid was known statewide and nationally as an expert in leadership training. He was a champion of the problem-solving method of teaching. Sid continued to contribute to agriculture education after he retired and was a frequent guest lecturer at UC Davis student teacher seminars for many years.

Ernest Tarone 
UC Davis 1940, UCD/Colorado A&M/Modesto HS 1941-1942, Escalon HS 1943-1948, Modesto HS 1948-1950, Modesto JC 1950-1968

Teacher of Excellence

Ernie was one of the most dynamic, creative teachers in ag education. His high energy and enthusiasm was unmatched. He built programs in high school and community college that excelled in the quality of instructors and curriculum. He promoted and directed the development of the agriculture department at MJC. He selected and hired highly competent staff and ended up with one of the top community college agriculture programs in the nation. While building and promoting agriculture education, Ernie found time to co-author "Teaching Tricks", which is a compellation of many of his creative ideas that he used in teaching his own classes.

Leo Thibault 
U. Idaho 1962, Cal Poly SLO 1965, Palmdale 1965-2000

CATA President 1993-1994
Teacher of Excellence

Leo developed a strong program at Palmdale High School with an emphasis on curriculum and the FFA. He had many State Farmers and regional and state officers. He was a very strong leader in the CATA, serving on many state CATA committees, as well as serving in all the state offices. Leo’s sound advice and a well-developed philosophy were always well received. He was a very articulate spokesman for agricultural education.

Lionel Tocher 
UC Berkeley 1929, Cal Poly SLO 1936, Esparto HS 1929-1931, Dos Palos HS 1931-1971

Teacher of Excellence

Lionel was an agriculture mechanics teacher at Dos Palos for 40 years. He was the premier agriculture mechanics teacher in the state for much of that time. As a role model, Lionel was a soft-spoken individual who, by his nature and knowledge of agriculture mechanics inspired both his students and other agriculture mechanics teachers. His students won many awards and contests as a result of his expertise. He and Ken Easter taught together for 40 years at the same school.

J. Everett Walker 
Oregon State College 1928, Modesto HS 1928-1948, Superior Region Supervisor 1949-1969

CATA President 1947-1948

philosophy from his regional teachers. He was known for his honesty, integrity, high energy, and enthusiasm.

Roland Wentzel 
Cal Poly SLO 1948, Cal Poly SLO 1965, Los Molinas HS 1948-1951, Fortuna HS 1952-1966

CATA President 1961-1962
Teacher of Excellence

Roland started his agriculture education career in 1948 at Los Molinas HS. He then moved to Fortuna in the early 1950’s where he had a distinguished career through 1966 as a teacher. He later moved into administration at Fortuna and Eureka high schools. Roland developed a strong SAE based program that produced many State Farmers, a Star State Farmer, and a Star American Farmer. Roland served as president of the CATA in 1961-1962 and chaired the Humbolt County Junior Livestock Auction committee in 1980.

Don Wilson 
UC Davis, Petaluma HS 1954-1958, South Coast Regional Supervisor 1058-1964, State Supervisor 1965-1985

Founders Club

Don was California’s fifth state supervisor. He was instrumental in maintaining subject matter specialists and the regional structure of agriculture education within the Department of Education. Don was agriculture educations "Rock of Gibralter" during his tenure. Don played a key role in the passage of senate bill 187 in 1981, which established state standards for agriculture education programs. The implementation of the agricultural incentive grant was also in part a result of Don’s effort.

Harold Wilson
Norwalk HS 1933-1936, Cal Poly SLO 1936-1942, Regional Supervisor 1942-1946, Cal Poly San Dimas 1946-1950, Cal Poly SLO 1950-1974

Harold was an extremely talented teacher and administrator with a gift of making people feel comfortable in his presence. During his tenure at Cal Poly, he served as dean of the Voorhis campus at San Dimas (the beginning of what is now Cal Poly Pomona). During his four years at the Voorhis campus, Wilson played a major role in acquiring the 816-acre Kellogg Horse Ranch.

Gordon Woods 
Cal Poly SLO 1942, Santa Paula HS 1942-1975

Teacher of Excellence

Gordon developed the Santa Paula program into a model vocational agriculture program. The Program was well rounded and always curriculum oriented with an emphasis on always being in the forefront of change. His students always did well in FFA activities, and the program produced many State and American Farmers and regional and state officers. Gordon was extremely active in his community and received Santa Paula’s citizen of the year award.