California Agricultural Teachers' Association

Mark Your Calendar

August 10 - Executive Committee Meeting, Galt

September 25-26 - Southern Region Meeting, Costa Mesa

September 26 - North Coast Region Meeting, Eureka

October 11 - South Coast Region Meeting, Hollister

Oct 28-31 - National FFA Convention, Louisville, Kentucky

November 6 - Superior Region Meeting,Oroville

November 7 - Cotton State Finals, CSU, Fresno

November 13-14 - San Joaquin Region Meeting, Tenaya Lodge

November 17-21 - NAAE Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana

November 19-20 - New Professionals Conference

November 21 - Central Region Meeting, UC Davis

December 1-3 - CATA Leadership Conference

December 3-5 - Community College Midwinter Institute, San Diego

January 7-8 - Student Teacher Conclave, Modesto

January 14-15 – Winter Governing Board, Galt

January 23 – Natural Resources State Finals, Reedley College

February 1-2 - Mentoring Conference, Fresno

February 6 – Winter State Finals - Citrus, Tree and Vine Pruning, CSU-Fresno

February 22 - South Coast Region, San Luis Obispo

February 27 - Central Region Meeting, Merced

February 27 - San Joaquin Region Meeting, Tulare

March 12 - Superior Region Meeting, Chico

April 2- North Coast Region Meeting, Santa Rosa

April 9 - Southern Region Meeting, Pomona

April 23 - CSU-Fresno Field Day, CSU-Fresno

April 23-26 - State FFA Leadership Conference, Fresno

April 26-29 - NAAE Region 1 Meeting, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

May 7 - State FFA Judging Finals, Cal Poly, SLO

June 19 - Executive Committee Meeting, Cal Poly, SLO

June 19 - Pre-Conference Governing Board, Cal Poly, SLO

June 19-23 - CATA Summer Conference, Cal Poly, SLO

June 23 - Governing Board Summer Retreat, San Luis Obispo

Statement of Purpose

The California Agricultural Teachers' Association was formed in 1920. The purpose of the organization is to promote and improve the teaching of agriculture in California and to foster the welfare of those engaged in this work.

The CATA Office Has Moved!

The CATA office is now located at the FFA Center in Galt.
Contact information:
Jim Aschwanden 209-744-1605
Kerry Stockton 209-744-1614
Fax 209-744-1602
Mailing address: PO Box 186, Galt, CA 95632-0186

Congratulations to our 2015 NAAE Region 1 Winners

NAAE Outstanding Young Member Award - Natalie Borba, Atwater High School

NAAE Outstanding Middle/Secondary Program Award - San Luis Obispo High School, Anna Bates and Jodi Evans

NAAE Teachers Turn the Key Scholarship - Courtney Castle, Golden West High School

Vision 2030 - Agriscience Education      

The Vision 2030 Committee has worked hard to put Agriscience education at the forefront of the NGSS and Common Core movements. As part of this evolution in agricultural education, materials have been created that can be infused into traditional agriculture courses as well as matching the new UC-approved lab science coursework. Teachers interested in using materials developed for the new Agriscience courses can access them by going to Google Drive.

Cal Ag Plate Update


Thanks to all of you who helped launch the first ever California Agricultural License Plate!  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

The support you have shown for Agricultural Education programs in California will ensure that students interested in agriculture will have opportunities to participate in activities that foster their leadership and personal development.  California’s agricultural heritage as well as its’ impact on our state’s economy must be understood and appreciated by our youth.  Thanks for being part of this effort!

Please continue to spread the word about the importance of the California Agricultural License Plate program to your friends, family, and others who value agriculture and the contribution it makes to all of our lives.  Encourage them to go to and order their own Cal Ag Plate – it’s just a click away! 

If you ordered a Cal Ag Plate and haven't received it yet, please contact us at (916) 714-2970 or by email at

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